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Policies Tea Seatings

Graham's RoyalTea is first and foremost a Tea EVENT VENUE. 

 However, we are happy to offer Afternoon Tea Seatings (tables with other guests in the room) 

at times when events aren't scheduled.

Please call us to check availability (sorry, on-line reservations not available) at 425-686-7670

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  Maximum of 6 guests per reservation.

For larger parties, please refer to our Private Parties section.

PLEASE NOTE . . . we will need a Tea Set ordered in advance for each guest and a credit card guarantee at time of reservation. The guarantee card will only be charged if there is a no-show (full charge) or a cancel less than 48 hours prior to the reservation ($25 fee).   Each seating is for 90 minutes. 

Please see our policy information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions below.  Making a reservation constitutes agreement with our policies, thank you.

Afternoon "High Tea" Menus & Information.


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In-House Menu:
This menu will NOT be available October 13-29.  Please see out Main/Home page for details on those dates.

Menu July 2023.tif

(For Kids 10 and Under)

Tea List March 2021.jpg

To-Go Menus:
To-Go options will not be available October 13-29.  Please see our Main/Home page for more information.

Tea Party To Go Jan 2022.jpg

Add some of our House-Made Specailties to your order for just $7.95 each.

Take out menu small section june

Policies and  FAQ's  for Tea Seatings


Why do I have to make a reservation? Because we are first and foremost a Tea Party EVENT Venue (a single party reserves our entire facility for their exclusive use), there are many dates and times that individual table seatings will not be available.  We certainly don't wish to risk the disappointment of you coming here at a time that we will not be able to accommodate you.

Why do I have to place an advance order?  Afternoon Tea is a VERY time consuming, labor intensive undertaking (if you have hosted a fancy Tea Party at home, you get this).  So that we do not keep you waiting for your little delicacies for a LONG time, we begin to prepare your order just prior to your arrival.  That way it is fresh and prompt and gives you ample time to savor the flavors in a relaxed manner.


Why must I provide a credit card guarantee when I make a reservation? Our seatings can be in high demand. When we reserve a table for you,  it precludes anyone else from that time slot.  And, because we prepare your food prior to your arrival, if you no-show, food is already prepared and waiting for you. 

Why is there a time limit on my reservation?   Because are by reservation only, we must be respectful about seating guests at their appointed time.  In order to allow as many guests who wish to enjoy our venue as possible, we allot 90 minutes per seating.  If you arrive late, sadly it will take away table time as the 90 minutes is counted from time of reservation regardless of what time you arrive so please don't be late.  We have found through experience that this is the average time most folks feel comfortable with. 


How many people can I reserve for?  We will make a reservation for a maximum of 6 people. If you wish to reserve for more than 6 guests, a private party booking is required.  We will be happy to discuss details with you.

Can we split/share Afternoon Tea orders? Sorry, no, each Afternoon Tea Set is per person.  We require a minimum order of $14 per guest. 


How far in advance can I make a reservations? 30 days in advance for Tea Seatings and only available on dates and times that a private event is not scheduled.  For private parties and Micro Weddings, reservations can be contracted for up to 6 months in advance. 

What is your cancelation policy? A minimum of 48 hours in advance of your seating. For cancellations less than 48 hours, a fee of $25 will be charged per person. If a member of your party does not come, you will be required to pay for your full order (we will be happy to box anything up for you).For no-shows and last minute cancellations (same day) the FULL PRICE for your advance order will be charged. 

Can I bring children? Yes, we love to see families have fun together. But, please keep in mind that our venue is an intimate setting and many guests are coming here for a time of quiet respite.  Our setting, with its antique furnishings, vintage china, crystal and lace table covers, may not be a comfortable/safe environment for children under the age of  5 so we strongly recommend little guests be of school age.  If a child will be accompanying you, please note that they must remain quietly seated at all times and will be asked to do so. We ask that 1 adult for every 2-3 children be present. We regret that we are unable to accommodate strollers in our Tea Room and we do not have high chairs or booster seats available.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs? We will do our best to meet any guest’s dietary needs but we are not currently offering gluten or dairy free sandwiches or desserts. We are able to provide vegetarian options and any special request must be made a time of placing your advance order. Please kindly note that our kitchen does prepare foods that contain nuts and other known allergens.

Can I bring a cake, balloons, centerpieces or other decor items? Sorry, no. Because we are a highly decorated yet intimate setting, and we do not want to impact the experience of the other guests in the room,  we do not allow outside food or beverages or "party" decor to be brought in for a seating.  If you wish to have items of this nature added as a part of your personal experience, please speak with us about a private party booking.

What about payment types? We will split your bill/take separate credit card payment a maximum of 4 ways. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and cash. We do not accept checks.

Is there a dress code? No. But, of course, shirts and shoes are required. Some guests arrive in full tea dress complete with hats and gloves, while others prefer a more casual style. We have an assortment of vintage hats available for guest use during their seatings (use as your own risk, frequently cleaned but not after each use).

Do you do anything special for birthdays? For guests who are celebrating a birthday, please let the hostess know so that we can place a candle in their dessert (and sing Happy Birthday, if you'd like). 

Do we have to order hot tea? No, if you prefer you may order iced tea, hot cocoa or pink lemonade. 


Do you sell gift cards? We offer Gift Certificates in and dollar amount.

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